Relief Milking:

  • Regular ‘day a week’ milking – staff working from own home or a mobile unit will be provided.
  • Holiday Cover
  • Sickness Cover
  • Period Cover during staff change-over
  • More than one herdsperson for large dairies
  • Multi-staffing for dairies with more than one herd

We also milk goat herds

  • Experienced in milking herds of between 200 and 1200 goats

Contract Milking:

  • The modern way to have your herd milked.
  • We will arrange a contract to suit your individual requirements and supply staff to milk your herd for up to 7 days a week and for 52 weeks a year.
  • You will have no worries about sickness or holiday cover etc, as this will be covered by Amuco, and with an agreed contract price for a year, you will be able to budget exactly – no N.I, sickness or holiday pay to think about.
  • Guaranteed return of house/cottage as housing is supplied on a service occupancy and any legal costs in gaining possession are paid by Amuco (Ilminster) Ltd.

Amuco are GLA Registered. Ref No: AMUCO001.

All Amuco staff carry full professional insurance.